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Congress: Take the Anti-trafficking Fight to the Next Level

The fight against human trafficking is at a tipping point. Since the first federal anti-trafficking law was passed 15 years ago, we can now do more than just respond to the consequences of human trafficking. If we are serious about truly eradicating modern slavery, we must go to the next level.

This year, Congress has an opportunity to accomplish just that. Another reauthorization of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act is fast approaching. Join us in calling on Congress to build on the progress of the last 15 years by supporting the following:

  • Prosecution: Identify and disrupt entire human trafficking networks
  • Protection: Help survivors of human trafficking get help AND stay safe
  • Prevention: Strengthen data collection to understand the scope and systems of human trafficking
  • Partnerships: Increase collaboration between survivors, federal agencies, and international organizations 

Send an email to your members of Congress and tell them that it’s time to take the anti-trafficking fight to the next level.

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