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Sign Your Name to Help Stop Human Trafficking in Illicit Massage Businesses

One of the most active types of sex trafficking in the U.S. involves criminal networks forcing women to sell sex against their will in illicit massage businesses. Almost every aspect of their life is controlled — where they live, what they eat, where they go, what they look like, and who they are allowed to talk to. More than 6,500 brothels pose as these legitimate businesses across the country. That's more illicit massage businesses than there are Domino's Pizza restaurants.

Add your voice to the growing movement to end human trafficking in illicit massage businesses in the United States. Sign the petition below to show your support to protect these survivors of human trafficking and shut down the trafficking networks.

This petition has a goal of 1000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location Why do you want to end ...
49 1 day ago pia acolacol burke, VA
48 3 days ago Erica Qualliotine Fairfax, VA Victims deserve to be treated as such and no one should live their life in fear and amid daily abuse.
47 1 week ago Dr. Ryan Martin Williamsport, PA
46 2 weeks ago Rachel Nolan cookeville, TN
45 2 weeks ago Dawn Ziss North Lauderdale, FL
44 2 weeks ago Anonymous ft. lauderdale, FL
43 2 weeks ago Kerry Nolan Asheville, NC No human should ever be enslaved to another and the people who are participating in this, and exploiting others should be severely punished. Stop criminalizing the victims!
42 3 weeks ago Richard Nahman Bronx, NY the dehumanization of the people involved ... Both the vulnerable victims and the abusive victimizers
41 3 weeks ago Patricia Larson CARROLLTON, TX It is a blight on society and many that are engaged in this crime against humanity are under aged children who are not willing participants. They have been coerst and drugged into this horrible lif...
40 3 weeks ago Anonymous Cuyahoga falls, OH The thought that women and children are lured into this and then held captive... Is beyond disgraceful and sickening. We need to stand up and say enough!
39 3 weeks ago Jill Missler Granbury, TX Because it is of the enemy. Anything of the enemy goes against God. Yes, God wins in the end but as children and followers of Christ, it is our duty to serve our Lord by doing everything we can to s...
38 3 weeks ago Mark Pendleton Clayton, GA Because it is evil and I am a survivor of child sex trafficking. I want to help set others free and prevent others from being enslaved.
37 3 weeks ago Jinni Turcy Broken Arrow, OK I was forced into that "business" as soon as I turned 17... I was STUCK in that awful so called life for 10+ years. Here I am, a 40 year old woman and I have Flashbacks, Night Terrors, Nightmares,Bo...
36 3 weeks ago Anne Wolek Alexandria, VA No human should be enslaved to another. The United States stands firmly against torture of even our most threatening enemies. So we must address the torture of these women and men who are basically ...
35 4 weeks ago Anonymous Hayattaville, MD Because we are all humans and deserve the right to a healthy and happy life
34 4 weeks ago Anonymous Wexford, PA
33 4 weeks ago Emily Bullington McMinnville , TN It is evil and immoral! I want ALL human trafficking to be stopped!
32 1 month ago Javier Cuadrado New Albany, OH
31 1 month ago Anonymous Salem , OH Number one it's morally wrong, number two it gives massage therapy a bad name and all who go.
30 1 month ago Anonymous Kearns, UT I want to end trafficking overall for a safer world for our children.
29 1 month ago Stephanie Kenyon Plymouth , MN Human trafficking perpetuates crime, unfair treatment and harmful acts of violence and mentality in a world that is in tremendous demand for healing. The victims of these criminal industries are und...
28 1 month ago Kelly Cusson Pittsfield, MA
27 1 month ago Julia cazort Auburn, WA Human Trafficking is horrible and must be stopped.
26 1 month ago Anonymous Goldsboro, NC Human Trafficking is horrible and must be stopped! Shutting down a place that promotes it means we will be one step closer to ending it.
25 1 month ago Anonymous Essex, ot Because everyone human deserves rights
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