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Sign Your Name to Help Stop Human Trafficking in Illicit Massage Businesses

One of the most active types of sex trafficking in the U.S. involves criminal networks forcing women to sell sex against their will in illicit massage businesses. Almost every aspect of their life is controlled — where they live, what they eat, where they go, what they look like, and who they are allowed to talk to. More than 6,500 brothels pose as these legitimate businesses across the country. That's more illicit massage businesses than there are Domino's Pizza restaurants.

Add your voice to the growing movement to end human trafficking in illicit massage businesses in the United States. Sign the petition below to show your support to protect these survivors of human trafficking and shut down the trafficking networks.

This petition has a goal of 1000 signatures
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Number Date Name Location Why do you want to end ...
27 1 day ago Julia cazort Auburn, WA Human Trafficking is horrible and must be stopped.
26 3 days ago Anonymous Goldsboro, NC Human Trafficking is horrible and must be stopped! Shutting down a place that promotes it means we will be one step closer to ending it.
25 5 days ago Anonymous Essex, ot Because everyone human deserves rights
24 6 days ago Jett Mercer Mico, TX For the obvious reason that human trafficking and sex slavery in our time is an abomination to who we are, a civilized people.
23 7 days ago Tina Howell GROVER HILL, OH Anything that i can to help.
22 1 week ago Anonymous Dtown, PA Everyone should have the opportunity to live a free life!!
21 1 week ago Anonymous Elverson, PA
20 1 week ago Brooke Johnson San Antonio, TX People should know and be free to understand that a "happy ending" is not something that they are required to provide. I have met women who truly don't understand that it's not a choice they have. ...
19 2 weeks ago Anonymous Suwanee, GA
18 2 weeks ago Sophie Menin New York, NY
17 2 weeks ago Anonymous Rockville, MD
16 3 weeks ago Anonymous glendale, AZ My concern is for the grade schools.my daughters are getting fed with lies about it being glamorous.I looked on Facebook.and older men.and young adults trying to recruit.kids photos of sadness.schoo...
15 3 weeks ago Ross Gordon Manhattan, KS There is literally no excuse for human trafficking. It is an assault on human rights in every way. Any and all effort should be made to annihilate this atrocity.
14 4 weeks ago Leslie Rice Greensboro, NC Want to end trafficking in every sense because it is dehumanizing, destructive and feeds despair for anyone connected to it. It robs people of their freedom, their future, and costs a nation its so...
13 4 weeks ago Hayden Hatch Bronx, NY There are many victims who feel trapped and have no where else to turn. They deserve help and protection.
12 4 weeks ago Anonymous Passaic, NJ
11 4 weeks ago James Leonard Bronx, NY Human beings have the right to agency and we have a responsibility to protect that fundamental right
10 4 weeks ago Debayan Guha Bronx, NY Victims deserve protection
9 4 weeks ago Gricel Okazaki New York, NY
8 4 weeks ago Pam Larson Columbus, WI Human beings are trapped in this industry. That's just wrong!
7 1 month ago Anonymous Seoul, ot This is an injustice. No human should ever have to be degraded like this. Greed, Perversion, Lust. This is pure EVIL. God help us.
6 1 month ago Sister Kathleen Simpson Albany, NY Because it's immoral and illegal...or should be. Women are not slaves and have their God given right to a free will!
5 1 month ago Melanie Cross Santa Clarita, CA Our president said it best,"nd today, I want to discuss an issue that relates to each of these challenges. It ought to concern every person, because it is a debasement of our common humanity. It o...
4 1 month ago Salomé Raiszadeh Blacksburg, VA Some of these people don't have the capability to speak for themselves in our government, action should be taken for their benefit regardless.
3 1 month ago Cristal Garcia New York, NY
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