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Pledge to Support Victims of Sales Crews

Labor trafficking has remained unchecked in the traveling sales crews industry for decades. Despite numerous attempts to address exploitation over the years, sales crews are the second most reported labor trafficking industry on the NHTRC hotline and BeFree Textline.

You can make a difference in the lives of trafficked crew members. If a sales crew member comes to your door, it can be hard to know what to do. Take the below pledge to support these victims of labor trafficking.

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Number Date Name Location What will you do to protect ...
277 5 days ago Charolette Stoehr Tigard, OR Not purchase from suspected trafficking victims, print out indicator cards and give out, share information to increase awareness.
276 6 days ago Mrs Johnson Euclid, OH Share information of human trafficking hotline if they display signs of being trafficked.
275 6 days ago Sheila Perez Rochester, WA Learn the signs if I see anythig have hotline number visible and report it
274 1 month ago Sophie Gough Massillon, OH I will not buy magazines or other items from door to door sales crews which are not clearly affiliated with a local organization.
273 1 month ago Jeannie Winters Apex, NC I will share the report knocking at your door with as many people as I can and be aware of anyone who looks to be in that situation. I will hand them the number to help them.
272 3 months ago Rickey Harris Thomasville , NC I will share suspicious activity with authorities. If it is safe I will share the number for the National Human Trafficking Hotline with them.
271 3 months ago Bryan Vu Austin, TX Alert suspicious job advertisements in newspapers and online and spread the word to friends and family.
270 4 months ago Dana Repp Gig Harbor, WA Give sales crews indicator cards if it is safe for them and share Knocking at Your Door to increase awareness.
269 5 months ago Don Levi Crystal lake, IL
268 5 months ago MARGARET BAUCOM COLORADO SPRINGS, CO I will report suspious activity to the hotline and local enforcement. Additionally, I will share this information with others.
267 5 months ago Zeke Mead Redwood City, CA
266 6 months ago Pam Strickland Farmville, NC Ask police to check them out.
265 6 months ago Jamie Beverly LOS ANGELES, CA I will share this information with my FB friends.
264 7 months ago Rachel Ostrom Kearney, NE
263 7 months ago Reverend Raymond A. Besse, S.J.C. San Diego, CA
262 7 months ago Diana Fox Fayetteville, NC I will print out and hand out the indicator cards to door to door sales people and I will never buy magazines. I will spread the word among my community and neighbors and I will report any human tra...
261 8 months ago Joyce A. Bartlett Greensboro , NC I will give out Indicator Card to door to door sales people and not buy magazines. I will contact FBI and Polaris signs of trafficking. I will raise awareness among friends, family and neighbors.
260 8 months ago Phillip Ellenbecker Verona, WI Anything !!! I have detailed information on the entire "traveling door-to-door" sales industry and am the father of Malinda, one of the seven young killed here in Wisconsin. I am directly responsibl...
259 8 months ago Ammy Aveyard Riverview, FL I will raise awareness, remain vigilant and understand the steps that must be taken if someone was in trouble.
258 8 months ago Steve Smith San Antonio, TX report them to the FBI and the police
257 8 months ago Debbie Sequichie-Kerchee Cache, OK I will contact the local law authorities and the FBI, as well as inform friends and family members to be alert for signs of trafficking.
256 8 months ago Christina castleforte aliso viejo, CA Call fbi and report to Polaris. I am a human trafficking advocate and an Ambassador for Shared Hope International
255 8 months ago J Massey Little Rock, AR I will inform family, friends and neighbors about these exploited individuals and not buy any magazine and get the authorities involved as well.
254 8 months ago Genevieve Raganelli Trenton, NJ Call NHTRC and local police of possible exploitation.
253 8 months ago Crystal Cardiel Ventura , CA I will be more vigilant about suspicious salespeople knocking on my door and also look for shady job opportunities and report them.
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