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Take Action: Train healthcare workers to recognize signs of human trafficking in patients.


Bring SOAR to the Floor

The SOAR Act has passed out of its House committee, and now it needs a vote on the floor to move forward. Ask your representative to prioritize the SOAR Act today.

In an Annals of Health Law report, 88% of sex trafficking survivors reported having contact with a healthcare provider while being trafficked. Unfortunately, many of the nurses, doctors, and first responders who helped these patients aren’t trained to recognize the signs of human trafficking – releasing victims back to their captor after treatment.

Congress can help address this problem by passing the SOAR Act, which trains healthcare providers to:

  • Identify potential human trafficking victims,

  • Work with law enforcement to report trafficking incidences,

  • Refer victims to service agencies, and;

  • Provide victims with care tailored to their circumstances.

Ask your representative to urgently support this legislation.

Time is not on our side. Victims of human trafficking entering an emergency room today will likely go unnoticed. A study of ER doctors and nurses showed that 95% of them had never received formal training on human trafficking.

Congress has a lot on their plates, but training healthcare professionals to identify and assist victims of human trafficking is a simple way to immediately help vulnerable people.