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Sign the petition to increase safety features on dating websites

Online dating sites, such as Plenty of Fish and Tinder, have become tools used by human traffickers to recruit potential victims. In some cases, potential traffickers manipulate their victims into thinking that they are looking for a romantic relationship to recruit and then ultimately use force, fraud or coercion to profit off of their relationship with the victim.

The companies that create these apps need to make efforts to combat human trafficking and keep it from thriving online. We are gathering signatures to petition the Match Group, owners of the popular dating sites, Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, Match, and more, to implement safety features and smart protocols and practices to help keep human trafficking off of their platform.

Sign the petition to hold the creators of online dating sites accountable. It is important that they put the safety of their users first and foremost. Together, we can let the Match Group know that we will now stand for inaction. We need your to help end this type of human trafficking.

Fill out the form to add your name to the petition below that we will be submitting to the Match Group.

Dear Match Group,

You recently established the Match Group Advisory Council (MGAC) to advise on best practices for safe online interactions. While we applaud the creation of this board, there is room to do much more.                     

1. Explicitly state in the Terms of Service of all your platforms that any use of the platform to facilitate human trafficking is strictly prohibited and enforced to the highest extent.

2. Conduct identity checks against national sex offender registries, human trafficking convictions, and online buyer boards.

3. Invest in algorithms that identify high-risk behavior, such as, user profiles that are contacting a large group of young people from all across the country.    

4. Create easy and accessible ways to report potential human trafficking on the app.

5. Team up with survivors of human trafficking to ensure traffickers and abusers are less able to misuse the benefits of dating sites.

Please implement the above recommendations to make sure every user can safely meet and communicate with others. We appreciate your time in considering these recommendations.


[your name]


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