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Help ALL human trafficking survivors truly have freedom


UPDATE: Great news! A06983 passed the Assembly! We are one step closer to supporting survivors, but we still need your help to contact the Senate!

For too many survivors of human trafficking in New York, the fight for freedom does not end with breaking free from a trafficker, That's because most survivors have arrests and convictions on their records for crimes they were compelled to commit while being trafficked. 

As a result of these records, they are blocked from job and educational opportunities, eligible for deportation in some cases;  ineligible to rent safe, affordable housing. In other words, they are not truly free to rebuild their lives.  

You can change this unfair situation in New York and help trafficking survivors find true, legal freedom. 

Under current law, some survivors can clear their records, but the process is difficult, and is limited to survivors whose charges are related to prostitution. That leaves out labor trafficking victims and others who were forced to commit crimes such as drug offenses or carrying false documents.  

We need you to urge New York lawmakers to expand criminal records relief to ALL trafficking survivors so they can move on with their lives.

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