Protect Legal Immigrant Farmworkers

Every year, thousands of workers from other countries come to the United States legally on temporary work visas known as H-2As to work in America’s farms and fields. They make the journey, leaving their homes and loved ones behind, because it is the best - in some cases the only - economic opportunity available. They plant, pick and process fruits, vegetables and other crops that keep our supermarkets stocked and our economy humming. Farm owners say these jobs would go unfilled without these migrant workers and their businesses would suffer.  In other words, we need these people. 

But you wouldn’t know it from a proposal put forward by the U.S. Department of Labor changing the way the visa program operates. Legal migrant workers holding temporary visas are already extremely vulnerable to labor trafficking. The proposed changes would make things even worse. Specifically, the DOL proposal would:

  • Increase vulnerability to debt bondage, a key tool of traffickers, by taking $65 million out of the pockets of people who are already in many cases facing poverty.

  • Allow farm owners to “self inspect” the housing they provide their workers, removing virtually any oversight of conditions. 

This is not ok. We need your help. Contact the Department of Labor and tell the secretary that you won’t stand for these changes by filling out the form - don't wait!

Contact the Department of Labor and tell the secretary that you won’t stand for these changes. Help protect potential labor trafficking victims from exploitation and abuse by contacting the Secretary of Labor now.

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