Help Struggling Communities

Believe it or not, things could actually get worse. If the U.S. Congress and the White House cannot come to agreement on a new bill to help struggling communities through the pandemic, far more people will be at risk of falling prey to sex and labor trafficking. 

But it doesn’t have to happen. We know how to reduce human trafficking: Keep people in their homes.

Homelessness is one of the most significant risk factors for being trafficked. Housing assistance  - including an extended nationwide moratorium on evictions and foreclosures - can keep people from being lured into trafficking situations with the promise of a warm bed and full refrigerator in exchange for their freedom.

Write Congress and the White House. Tell them we need another COVID-19 relief package and that it should include: 

  • Extension of the national moratorium on evictions and foreclosures 
  • $100 billion in emergency rental assistance to help low-income renters pay their rent
  • $11.5 billion in Emergency Solutions Grants to mitigate homelessness 
  • The Emergency Family Stabilization Act to provide support tailored to the needs of children, youth, and families who are homeless or at risk of experiencing homelessness

Note: Unfortunately, if you live in a U.S. Territory, such as District of Columbia you don't actually have a voting representative in Congress and therefore cannot fill out the form.

Struggling communities need your help. Don't wait - use this form to send a letter directly to Congress. Help us reach our goal of 5000 letters!

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