Help Survivors Repair Their Credit

Imagine mustering the strength to leave a trafficker, fighting through the fear and making it out the door to a new life, only to find yourself returning to the person and the place you just left. It happens all too often when trafficking survivors find countless barriers to rebuilding their lives. 

Today, the U.S. Senate has a chance to take down one of these barriers. The Debt Bondage Repair Act (S.2040/H.R.2332) helps survivors of sex and labor trafficking to repair their credit report from damage done by their traffickers. 

The House of Representatives has already passed this bill, but it won’t become law unless we all act! Ask your Senators to support survivors by working to pass this bill.

Note: Unfortunately, if you live in a U.S. Territory, such as District of Columbia you don't actually have a voting representative in Congress and therefore cannot fill out the form.

Support survivors in rebuilding their lives. Don't wait - use this form to send a letter directly to your Senators. Help us reach our goal of 2000 letters! 

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